1. In the Under Age Competitions, competitors may compete only in their
    own age group section. Under age competitors may also compete in the
    Open Competition and if an underage competitor, who has already
    competed in the Under Age Competition, also enters the Open
    Competition he/she is not permitted to play any of the music pieces
    previously played by them in their Under Age Competition. Previous
    winners of the open competition are precluded from competing in
    subsequent years.
  2. Competitors age shall be calculated as of the 1st of January in the year
    of the competition.
  3.  Competitors are advised to bring a copy of their birth certificate. The
    minimum age for entry into the competitions is 7 years of age and it is a
    matter for the competitor to provide proof of age.
  4.  All entry forms for competitors under 18 years of age must be signed by
    a parent of guardian.
  5.  Competitors may be asked to present copies of the music pieces which
    he/she intends to play and they should be aware of the laws of Copyright
    with regard to the unauthorised photocopying of music which is the
    responsibility of the competitor.
  6.  In order that three prizes may be awarded it will be necessary to have
    at least four competitors in any competition.
  7.  If a competitor is not present when called for in the competition he/she
    may be disqualified.
  8.  Competitors must not communicate with the adjudicator before or
    during competitions. Any communications for the adjudicator must be
    made through the Committee or its agents.
  9.  Responsibility will not be accepted for entries lost, delayed, mislaid or
    damaged in the post or insufficiently stamped.
  10.  All entry forms will automatically become the property of the
    organising committee and will not be returned.
  11.  The Committee will not be responsible for any loss of, or damage to,
    competitor’s property.
  12.  By submitting the competition entry form, the competitor, or Parent/
    Guardian on behalf of the competitor, gives consent to the taking of
    photographs, images and recordings by the O’Carolan Harp Festival
    Committee, Keadue, Co. Roscommon of the competitor at the O’Carolan
    Harp Festival and hereby agrees that their image and recording may be
    used for printing, internet, public broadcasting and display by the
    O’Carolan Harp Festival Committee in connection with the promotion,
    marketing and publicising of the O’Carolan Harp Festival and Keadue (e.g.
    placing and using them on websites, promotional literature, video and
    other media). Photography, video, audio recordings of the competitions
    are expressly forbidden in all other instances.
  13.  Any objection must be written and signed by objector and handed to
    the secretary together with a fee of €10.00 within fifteen minutes of the
    close of competition and before the adjudicators decision is announced.
  14.  The decision of the committee shall be final and binding in respect of
    all matters relating to the competitions and this shall be accepted by each
  15.  Each competitor on entering the competition will be deemed to have
    read and accepted these rules.
  16.  Entries must be in accordance with these rules and validity of an entry
    is the responsibility of the competitor.